NYT Notes María’s “Noche de Memorias” on Nov. 6

As Councilwoman, María speaks at State Capitol

The Texas edition of the New York Times posted this notice (pasted below) about tomorrow night’s “Noche de Memorias/Evening of Memories,” cosponsored by Santuario Sisterfarm and the Esperanza Peace and Justice Center.

María with her parents Apolinar and Sebastiana Arredondo Rodríguez, and brothers Felix and Louis, growing up on San Antonio's West side.

Telemundo is interviewing María today for a piece about the event and her book, and the San Antonio Express News Conexion has also posted a story.

The evening begins at 6:30pm with a reception catered by the wonderful women of Fuerza Unida.

Also~an exhibit opens tomorrow at the San Antonio Institute of Texan Cultures titled, “Leaving Home, Finding Home: Texan Families Remember the Revolution.” A map of Texas at the start of the installation features eight families, including María’s paternal Rodríguez and maternal Arredondo families. The exhibit runs through June 4, 2011.

New York Times, Nov. 5, 2010
An Immigrant’s Tale

Maria Berriozabal’s memoir, “Maria: Daughter of Immigrants,” tells the story of her unlikely ascent to the near top of San Antonio’s political hierarchy. Elected in 1981, Ms. Berriozabal, 69, was the first Mexican-American woman to win a City Council seat in a major American city.

Her book doesn’t come out until summer, but Ms. Berriozabal is giving a preview reading and performance Saturday to observe a special occasion: the 100th anniversary of the day her paternal grandparents and father crossed the Mexican border into the United States. “I call myself a woman of the borderlands,” Ms. Berriozabal said. “I’ve lived in two places, which are one.”

The book, which honors the contributions of Latinos in the United States, recounts her years of service through the prism of the civil rights movement. The reading will be augmented by videos, photos and music, including a group singalong of Joan Baez’s “No Nos Moveran.”

Esperanza Peace & Justice Center, Nov. 6, 7 p.m. esperanzacenter.org

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