UTSA Students on Hunger Strike for DREAM Act

Yasmina and the other students talk about Day Two of the hunger strike on YouTube

An amazing group of students at the University of Texas at San Antonio are on their second day of a hunger strike in an effort to win passage of the DREAM ACT, which would give young undocumented students, who came to this country as children, a pathway to legal status and citizenship. One of the students, Yasmina Codina, is the younger sister of Xochitl Codina who served on the staff of Santuario Sisterfarm a few years ago.

These courageous young people ask us to join them in calling on Senator Hutchison to meet with them and to vote for the DREAM Act. We stand in solidarity with the students and their effort — and urge you to contact Senator Hutchison today. Listen to the voices of these students. And then please call Senator Hutchison at 210.340.2885 or 202.224.5922.

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