DREAM Act Expected to Come to a Vote Week of Nov. 29; Students Continue Hunger Strike

Some people are questioning why the students are risking their health with hunger strikes.  Senator Hutchinson has mentioned this several times. She thinks “they should use other methods” to express themselves. The fact is that U.S. students have been working for ten years for passage of the DREAM ACT to no avail.  The Senate has been playing politics with the DREAM ACT, as comprehensive immigration reform has been a political football for several administrations.

In my estimation and that of many there is now no hope that any form of meaningful immigration reform will pass during the next session of Congress, or for many years to come. We have become comfortable with passing all kinds of free trade agreements for goods between nations, but none for the people who produce those goods. As a country we have not shown that we understand the effects of globalization–migration being one of its realities. In Congress today comprehensive immigration reform has become a deflated football that cannot even be kicked around anymore.

Yet, there is a sliver of light that one group of people might be helped–the young who want to obtain their college degrees and become productive citizens of this country, about 200,000 of them in Texas alone.  Think what that brain power can do for Texas. Think what it can do for San Antonio.

It is for that sliver of light that the students are risking themselves.

Throughout my adult life I have met men and women who came to the United States from Cuba under the Peter Pan program. Parents sent their children out of Cuba when they were not able to leave themselves.  They were willing to separate themselves from their children in order to give them a chance in life.  Yes, those were entirely different families in an entirely different situation but, in a way, it is the same situation as the DREAMERS today.  If we cannot save everyone now, let us save the children.

So here are things you can do:

1) Keep up with what the DREAMERS are doing throughout the United States by going to dreamactutsa.blogspot.com
2) Sign the online petition in support of the DREAM Act
3) Email, fax, call and/or write Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison. Ask her to exert leadership in getting the bill to a vote in the Senate and to vote YES.
4) Write a letter to the editor
5) Educate yourself further about the issue and inform your family and friends about it
6) Join the students at a rally at Sen. Hutchison’s San Antonio office on Monday, Nov. 29, from 4:30 to 5:00pm, or earlier if you’re able at 3133 General Hudnell.

We will be there.

~ María

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