Feliz Navidad!

Martín, Rosalima, and our guardian angel

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2 Responses to Feliz Navidad!

  1. Maria Antonietta Berriozabal says:

    How on earth did you get your babies to sit and have a photo taken? It is a lovely Christmas message from SaSi.

    Also, thank you for sending Gaby Pacheco’s faith message. I could not think of a better Christmas wish.

    Hope you both are having a wonderful, sacred and quiet Christmas.

    We had a noisy and lovely Christmas Eve. Nothing was more beautiful than two year old Eleanor walking around fascinated holding a small globe we gave her. The little snow on a Christmas house was such magic for her. That is what I shall remember.



  2. aneesah says:

    LOVE the picture of Martin and Rosalima ….. as Maria said, how did you ever get them to stay put!!!!
    Thank you for posting the videos – they are inspiring and heartbreaking. I may not be one of these, seeking recognition, or have a Latina background … but i am an immigrant from a different time and a different place, i hold papers that say i am not born here. I wonder what would happen if ALL the people who hold these papers were asked to leave…….The United States and its people, must recognize what makes this country … i will continue to hold this in my intention. Peace to you and to SaSi!!!

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